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When you call on CargoMaster to look after your international sea freight , your backed by an established and proven international sea freight company with over 30 years professional transportation experience. CargoMaster KNOW-HOW to get your international sea freight delivered quickly and cost effectively!


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CargoMaster moves all types of SEA FREIGHT through Melbourne every-day, organizing the PACKING, CONTAINER CARTAGE, SEA FREIGHT DOCUMENTATION . SEA FREIGHT IS IDEAL FOR heavy, bulky, awkward CARGO THAT REQUIRES COST EFFECTIVE TRANSPORTATION. OUT OF GUAGE AND BREAK BULK CARGO IS A CARGOMASTER specialty!. CargoMaster services include professional packing and securing awkward and bulky t valuable and fragile cargo. CargoMaster’s extensive INTERNATIONAL SEA FREIGHT NETWORK offers you PEACE OF MIND WHEN SHIPPING YOUR GOODS OVERSEAS.


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“What is International Sea Freight”

“International sea freight is cargo, transported by ship from Australia (International Export Sea Freight) and to Australia (International Import Sea Freight). International sea freight services are from all of Australia’s capital cities”

“How much does it cost to ship freight internationally”

“The cost of shipping freight internationally will depend upon how you intend to transport the freight (air freight or sea freight). The origin and destination of the freight will also be a factor in calculating the cost of international freight. The size of the freight and the commodity type is also needed to calculate sea freight costs.”

“How much does ocean freight cost”

“Similar answer as above, the cost of ocean freight will depend on several things like, size, commodity type, destination , origin and how you intend to transport the goods” 

“What International Shipping is the cheapest”

International shipping by sea freight is the cheapest way to move international freight. Call CargoMaster for low cost international shipping to almost ay where in the world“ 

“Where can I ship international sea freight from”

“International sea freight services are available from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, Launceston, Townsville, Port Kembla, Port Hedland and Newcastle. CargoMaster international sea freight services are available from Australia to most of the world’s major centres. 

“What does an international freight forwarder do”

“International freight forwarders look after the movement of air freight and sea freight. CargoMaster is one of Australia’s most trusted international freight forwarders from all of Australia’s capital cities”


International Sea Freight is the most cost effective way to move larger type commodities around the world. Mostly Shipping Containers moving from Australia are transshipped at an international port during the transportation, however some destinations do not require transshipment ,Singapore for example is a direct port of call from Australia. Vessels sail weekly from Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane. Container carrying vessels also depart from Newcastle, Townsville, Darwin and Port Hedland. Another service offered by CargoMaster is coastal container shipping around Australia,  a cost effective way of transporting large and heavy goods by sea instead of rail or road.

CALL CARGOMASTER: 1300 767 136 (Nation wide)


CargoMaster is one of Australia’s most trusted sea freight companies CargoMaster is a Sea Freight Company A At CargoMaster we offer  International Sea Freight Services from and to The South Pacific, Africa, Asia ,Europe North and South America and the Middle East.

CargoMaster International Freight  services are available to government, large and small business and Individuals . CargoMaster offers pick-up international sea freight pick up and delivery services all around Australia.

  • Looking for International Sea Freight Services . Call CargoMaster , offering a broad range of sea freight shipping container solutions CargoMaster will work with you to plan your and develop an schedule for your shipment based on your specific requirements.
  • Call CargoMaster if you require  International Sea Freight Services to / from Australia. International Sea Freight services for International Shipping Containers and break bulk cargo, Full container loads and Part Container loads International Shipping to over 450 cities around the world !
  • International Sea Freight for Machinery, Industrial equipment, cars, buses, trucks, excavators, bulldozers Construction Equipment, Emergency Recover Equipment, Boxes, Pallets to most major international gateways

Sea Freight Import / Export Freight Services include:

  • Break Bulk and out of Gauge Shipments
  • International Shipping of Heavy Machinery
  • Self-Pack International Moving Containers ( 20′ / 40′ )
  • High Cube International Shipping Containers
  • Moving Overseas Shipping Costs and Containers
  • Pack your own shipping container international
  • International Motor Vehicle Shipping

“Vessels sail weekly from all Australian Capitals”

“Shipping Containers with security, integrity and professionalism”

CALL CARGOMASTER: 1300 767 136 (Nation wide)


As mentioned above CargoMaster provides a wide variety of sea freight services, including Self Pack International Shipping Containers, for customers moving overseas shipping containers, 20′ and 40′ containers, 20′ and 40′ Flat Racks, Break Bulk shipments of all weights and sizes and project cargo. Vessels sail weekly from the gateway ports Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Fremantle, Port Hedland, Darwin and Townsville.


TEL: 1300 767 136 NATIONWIDE

” A Secure and Established International Sea Freight Network”


Sea freight services are mostly used to transport goods around the world cost effectively. The majority of “dry” (non-perishable) sea freight into and out of Australia is transported in containers in container vessels. This does not include Bulk sea freight of course. For example, iron ore is transported from Port Hedland in Western Australia  to Asia.(mostly China) and other parts of the world. Did you know Australia is the words largest exporter of bulk iron ore shipping over 900 million tons of iron ore in bulk carriers in 2020!  Bulk carriers transport Australia’s iron ore and coal, these two commodities would be by far Australia’s biggest export products. Australia exported approx. 80 billion dollars’ worth of iron ore in 2020, a huge amount of money, as everyone knows most of Australia’s iron ore goes to China, however  Australia exports iron ore to other countries too.

CargoMaster handles mainly sea freight shipping containers and break  bulk cargo and project shipments. Did you know there are approx. 20 million shipping containers around the world and combined will do over 200 million trips in one year! You will often see shipping containers stacked at terminals around Australia, it would be fair to say that there isn’t much in the way of commodities that isn’t moved in a container at some poin t in time.. Shipping containers have only been around for 20-25 years (approx.) The introduction of shipping containers for transporting commodities around the world made international trading, quicker, more streamlined and importantly much safer for workers loading and unloading vessels. All certified shipping containers have an alphanumeric code, the container code is always noted on shipping documentation as a way of identifying one container and its contents from another.. The most common type of containers are 20ft containers (6 meters long and weight approx. 2 ton) and 40ft containers (12 meters long and weight approx. 4 ton) . If you want to know more about shipping containers, sizes, availability, prices etc just give CargoMaster a Call..


1300 767 136

1300 767 136