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When you call on CargoMaster to help with your international freight Gold Coast-world-wide, your backed by an established and proven international sea freight company with over 35 years professional transportation experience! CargoMaster is one of Australia’s most trusted sea freight companies.

“CargoMaster KNOW-HOW comes with 35 years transportation experience”!

Sea Freight Gold Coast


CargoMaster moves all types of sea freight to and from The Gold Coast, every-day, CargoMaster handles dry cargo of all shapes and sizes including LCL sea freight (less than a container load or shared container)  freight, which is consolidated weekly in Brisbane.

CargoMaster will collect your LCL shipments from most areas of The Gold Coast, in a standard truck or if required a tail lift vehicle. Prior to pick up of your shipment you should ensure your goods are packaged correctly for international transportation and also clearly address and number your goods. If your shipment is fragile, or should only be stacked one way up, then stickers should be fastened to the cargo advising as such. CargoMaster only accepts boxes, crates, bags and similar packages as LCL cargo, CargoMaster does not move furniture as LCL cargo,

“Moving sea freight with security, intergrity and professionalism”


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“How much does it cost to ship freight internationally”

“The cost to ship freight internationally will depend on where you are shipping from and where you intend shipping too. The type of shipping service you require will also have an impact on the cost of shipping, the commodity being shipped may also be a factor when calculating the cost of international shipping. CargoMaster is on of Australia’s most trusted international shipping companies” 

“How much is sea freight”

“Again, the cost of sea freight depends on several factors mentioned above. The time of year you are shipping is also a factor in shipping costs” 

“Can you send parcels by sea”

“Yes, you can! Shipping parcels by sea freight will require a sea freight consolidation service. Ask CargoMaster about LCL sea freight shipping services available Australia-Wide.Sea freight parcels will be consolidated with other sea cargo inside a 20ft or 40ft container. Sea freight consolidation services are a very cost effective way to move sea cargo around the world” 

“What are sea freight services”

“Sea  freight services refer to cargo or freight that is transported by sea on or inside a cargo ship. Ocean freight services are available to and from all of Australia’s capital cities to almost anywhere in the world. Ocean freight services include transportation by sea container or a break bulk cargo” Call CargoMaster for sea freight rates from Australia”

How does sea freight work

“CargoMaster looks after all types of sea freight from and to Australia. International sea freight can be collected and consolidated inside shipping containers, or it can be consigned as break bulk or out of gauge sea cargo. CargoMaster offers a low cost relocation service for anyone moving overseas shipping containers. There are many different types of sea freight services call CargoMaster for more info”

What is sea freight and why use it

“Sea Freight Shipping, is the transportation of goods by sea in a cargo vessel. CargoMaster offers weekly sea freight services from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Sea freight is ideal for goods that are not urgent enough to require air freight. Sea freight is usually larger that air freight. The reason to use sea freight is cost is a lot cheaper than air freight”

What are ocean freight charges

“Ocean freight charges, more commonly known as sea freight charges are costs you will need to pay to move your goods by sea freight. Sea freight charges include various different charges. Some payable at origin and some payable at the destination.” 

Is air freight more expensive than sea freight”

“In a word “yes” air freight is more expensive than sea freight, however air freight is a lot quicker than sea freight. Air Freight is also a better option when it comes to fragile or valuable cargo.” 

“How much more expensive is air freight than sea freight”

“Air freight is a lot more expensive compared to sea freight, as mentioned above air freight is a quicker mode of transportation. Call CargoMaster for Australia’s best sea freight quotes and air freight quotes to or from Australia” 

“What does sea freight mean”

“Sea freight means the transportation of cargo by sea on or inside a cargo ship. Sea freight is the world’s oldest form of international transportation. CargoMaster is one of Australia’s most trusted sea freight companies” 

CargoMaster also offers FCL shipping and equipment to and from The Gold Coast. Container vessels sail weekly from Brisbane. CargoMaster works with a wide variety of clients that ship containers from The Gold Coast to all corners of the world including Govt departments, Large and small business and families moving overseas shipping containers. CargoMaster is one of Australia’s original Self Pack International Movers, Self Pack is a popular low cost international relocation service offered by CargoMaster. Business clients use CargoMaster for 20ft and 40ft shipping containers and flat racks. CargoMaster offers break bulk and project shipping services from and to The Gold Coast. International Sea Freight Shipping Containers are delivered to your nominated site for packing or you can pack your container in CargoMasters packing yard in Brisbane.

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CargoMaster services include professional packing and securing awkward and bulky and valuable and fragile cargo. CargoMaster’s extensive international sea freight network offers you PEACE OF MIND WHEN SHIPPING YOUR GOODS FROM THE GOLD COAST OVERSEAS!.


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